Today, I work as the director of communications at Vertex Ventures, a global venture capital network of funds focused on investments in Israel, China, Southeast Asia, India, USA and the global healthcare space. Our most notable investments include Waze, Grab, Mobike, Desktop Metal, and Bicycle Therapeutics.

I majored in Zen Buddhism in University of California Santa Cruz. After graduating, I lived for one and half years in a meditation center near the mountains of California before moving to Vietnam to work in An Giang University, a university near the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. At the university, I taught English and worked in the International Relations office. After that stint, I transitioned from the education world to the startup world when I moved to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, where I worked in multiple startups before joining Tech In Asia as an editor and journalist. This allowed me broad views into Vietnam’s evolving startup ecosystem where I wrote extensively here.

I regularly contribute to Forbes, but am an aspiring science fiction writer. You can get my latest updates by subscribing here. I have a podcast, that I irregularly host called the Possible Impossible Show. Current writing projects include getting published in science fiction journals, a book on humanity, and a book on the philosophy of craft.

Meditation and mindfulness continue to be an important part of my life and hope to be able to teach it seriously in the future.