Speaker bio:

Anh-Minh Do is the director of communications at Vertex Ventures, a family of funds which includes offices in Bangalore, Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Taipei, and Tel Aviv. At Vertex, Minh focuses on developing the thought leadership and visibility of Vertex in the tech startup ecosystem. Minh also has close ties to Vietnam, where he cofounded a lifestyle brand called Vietcetera. Minh also cofounded multiple startup initiatives in Vietnam, like VIC Partners, an angel investment club, and, a social enterprise to help startups. Minh’s core interest is writing, where he explores a range of topics from society, economics, science fiction, and especially technology and startup. He is a regular contributor on Forbes and Medium.

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Buddhist studies background:

Anh-Minh Do studied Zen Buddhist philosophy and history in UC Santa Cruz. During this time, he traveled up and down the coast of California interviewing and filming over 50 Vietnamese American meditation masters. After graduating, Minh lived in a meditation center for 1.5 years studying and learning the Vipassana meditation method. He then went to live in a Tibetan Nyingma-Kagyu school for 4 months, learning the Dzogchen meditation style from Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. After moving to Vietnam, Minh interviewed 25 masters in Ho Chi Minh city, most importantly the Rinzai school of meditation focused on koan meditation. Minh has been meditating for the last ten years. In Minh’s day job, he is the director of communications at Vertex Ventures.



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